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This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland. An ivory blanket of snowy crystals covered our property. As I gathered my senses and prepared to survey the property a gentle shower of crystal flurries enveloped me.

At once, I was transported back to home. Home for me will always be Germany. Although I have lived in the United States longer than I have lived in Germany. I will always remember the place that shaped me. The piece that is featured in the photo below is one of my favorites.

This is one of my husbands earliest creations. I had shared with him that one of the things I missed the most was seeing images of the Virgin Mary or the holy family in the landscape. My Opa and I were passionate "Wanderer" and Volksmarch participants. He never believed that children should be treated differently and as such I was often challenged to complete treks that scared me. Seeing the beautiful statues of our holy mother or the holy family in the alps on the side of a narrow and steep track gave my young heart immense comfort. It reminded me that we were not alone and I would be safe.

Modern Europe has lost so much of its congregants to the modern school of science and doubt, yet its landscapes are still defined by her rich christian Heritage.

Based on a google image and a few descriptions and his own touch, my husband designed this lovely piece. This is one of his earliest works. He assures me, that he can find many flaws in it every time, he looks at it.

Inspite of his views, I chose this piece, because I find great comfort in its imperfections. It is not a replica of what I had originally envisioned. It is smaller then what I had wanted. My husband added moss where I had envisioned a smooth wood surface. However in time I began to see the details of the gold inlay in the cross, the carvings in the awning. In each flaw I recognize the unique touches of the artists hand. Just as we are imperfect so is this piece. The feeling that this piece evokes in me, however remains the same feeling I felt so long ago on the treacherous paths in the German Alps. Comfort, Presence and Peace. These Imperfections have disappeared over time as my husband has mastered his craft. What has remained is my husbands pursuit of perfection and his commitment to creating unique, personalized objects.

We strive for heirloom quality pieces that will be sure to be passed on to future generations. As we navigate a new modern culture that is defined by technological advancements. A throw away world filled with fidgets and trinkets. With a countermovement of minimalism and decluttering, we here at "Big Daves Custom Carvings" continue to create, redefine, and produce heirlooms. Because just as a piece of my heart will always be missing the culture and the spirit of my birthright. All the while being a proud citizen of one the greatest nations on this planet. So shall our work continue to engage technology to assist, transform, and give life to the ideas and dreams of our very human hearts.

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