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Deus ex machina

In my first post I chose to highlight an older piece, that David had created before he acquired his CNC router. It had snowed outside. Since we do not get snow often here, that stirred a flurry of memories and inspired my entry.

The theme of emotions and feelings, is something I intend to explore further. I wanted to start this column in order to give a more complete picture of who we are, and why our products are unique.

This time I wanted to showcase our logo. My husband designed the logo. He employed a variety of images and software programs in order to finalize the eagle. Every time I look at our logo, I feel that it is powerful image. The eagle looks angry. Its eyes sparkle with a challenge. "Try me" they seem to say. It's powerful talons grip a sign that reads "USA". This image so perfectly embodies my husband. He is a strong man who does not back down from a challenge. If provoked he will quickly jump into action. He loves his family and he loves his country.

When his health started to fail, he began a series of experiments to try and slow down the degeneration of his joints. The visible handicap of being a double amputee is what is visible to everyone. The added challenges of arthritis and gout which are incurable and have further limited his freedom and mobility.

He could have chosen to accept his lot and remain dormant and disabled. However he chose to adapt to his circumstances and look for remedies.That is where technology has become a tool in his capable hands. David is a self taught programming end engineering savant.He employs a workshop full of machines (many of which he designed and built himself) in order to create. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Each piece is the result of hours, often days of meticulous crafting and hand tooled refinement.

I chose the title "Deus ex machine", because literally it translates "God out of the machine". I felt this appropriately encapsulated what happens in our workshop. The gift of technology allows my husbands ideas and hands to create what alone, they could not.

The eagle logo represents his nature. He is a man who continues to defy the odds. A man who int he midst of a cancel culture, refuses to back down from what he believes to be right. A man who loves his country. A country which allows even those who are physically handicapped, to rise above their circumstances and become business owners.

Allow us to collaborate with you and create a unique heirloom of your own.

Everything we create is a one of a kind piece. Each piece will be hand refined by a man who will not allow anything to stop him from getting what he wants. And at Big Daves Custom Carving, big Dave always wants satisfied clients.

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